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According to DMA’s Marketer Email Tracker 2018 report, for every £1 spent on email marketing, investors saw a return of £32.28 in 2017. Coupled with a separate study by Econsultancy, it’s reported that 73% of marketers questioned suggested that email marketing was the number one digital channel for return on investment (ROI).
  • Email marketing is a great tool to take advantage of impulse purchasing. By creating an inviting call-to-action and a link straight to the check-out/confirm purchase page, email newsletters can drive sales like no other digital channel.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may seem daunting, but it also offers a wonderful opportunity too. By placing the customer at the heart of your business, you can ensure that individuals who opt to receive your communications are actually interested in your market offering and are more likely to engage. It’s time to consider what consumers really think about who they’re talking to, how brands communicate with them and what they want to hear about – put the customer in control!

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Marketing Strategy
Email marketing offers familiarity, flexibility, and universality when reaching out to consumers. Once an acquisition strategy is developed, mobile-friendly email marketing can be used to incentivise customers to review a recent purchase, reward the most loyal customers or plan for product seasonality and retail holidays with a newsletter Calendar.
Tracking & Reporting
Our reporting techniques will show if your contacts open the emails you send. Your campaign report will show a host of data, from what contacts opened your campaign to how many total opens the campaign received, and more.
Template Design
Step aside boring email templates - no inbox deserves to be treated that way. We have a number of templates at our disposal that can represent your brand the right way.
Marketing Campaigns
Email campaigns are not a case of pressing send and hoping someone the other end will open it - we'll work with you to promote your brand and build value.
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
  • Don’t you just hate having boring marketing email after boring marketing email land in your inbox? We certainly do! Racingist creates campaigns that get opened. Our fully GDPR compliant email marketing strategies will reach out to potential customers whilst building a useful contact list along the way. Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers and drive towards a final sale, after browsing on social media or a website.

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Our Customers Say

As a business owner, I knew we had to maximise our online presence as well as in local print media. Racingist’s excellent standard of service and forward thinking meant we saw a significant impact immediately. Thank you!
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd
Glyncorrwyg MOT Centre / Rally Team Owner
Racingist has been of great support to me for a while as I've been working on raising my profile in sport. It would have been difficult to update my social media channels while competing across the world, so that is where Racingist stepped in and it has done a great job - my following and support is growing all the time!
Ben Llewellin
Ben Llewellin
Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist

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